Communication strategies

A compelling, clear narrative builds support for your cause.

Seth is available to help you at any stage of a communication project, from sketching out the creative brief, through drafting, editing, and final polishing. Whether providing a succinct review of a funding proposal or chronicling the results of a conference, Seth brings to bear his intimate familiarity with environmental issues, his long experience as a creator of engaging narratives, and his deft use of the English language to help your project reach a wider audience.


Seth wrote Harbingers of Recovery: A first quarterly report to stakeholders as a 25-year retrospective on the results of the restoration efforts in northern California’s Mattole watershed, using before-and-after photos and spare language to describe the groups’ accomplishments. “Quarterly” refers to the quarter-century that had passed since restoration work began, and alludes to the long time horizon over which ecological healing will occur.

Harbingers Cover

Click here to preview or download the 2011 publication.

Capturing the stories underlying a conference

When the Bonneville Environmental Foundation hosted a gathering for fourteen of its grantees, it hired Seth to attend and create a narrative that captured the themes which emerged from the presentations. Seth connected each of the panels to a different kind of relationship that was being cultivated by the foundation’s partners — relations with the ecosystem, with citizen-supporters, with neighboring partners, and within the organization itself — through four narratives published as a booklet by the Foundation.


Adding clarity to a book manuscript


Seth edited the manuscript of Peter Barnes’s book Capitalism 3.0 (Berrett-Koehler, 2006), and served as development editor for his 2014 book, With Liberty and Dividends for All: How to Save Our Middle Class When Jobs Don’t Pay Enough.