Salmon Nation coverSalmon Nation: People, Fish and Our Common Home (1999), now in its second edition, offers an overview of the controversy over salmon in the Pacific Northwest. The book took a subject whose press coverage tended to be highly technical or bureaucratic, and presented it in a narrative that made it accessible for the intelligent but uninformed reader. As co-editor, I shaped the progression and packaging of the book, its chapters and sidebars, and worked with designers on its look and feel. The book begins with an essay by an indigenous writer on the native connection to salmon, and then continues with a chapter on the biological reasons for their current predicament, which I co-wrote with a noted salmon biologist. The book unfolds with essays on commercial fishing and salmon farms, and concludes with an essay I wrote on the prospects for the fish’s recovery.

Saving Our Ancient Forests (Living Planet Press, 1991), SavingOurAncientForests_CoverSaving Our Ancients Forests was co-published with The Wilderness Society, which distributed it through its membership, in parallel with its distribution through bookstores.

A Green City Program for San Francisco Bay Area and Beyond, which I wrote with Peter Berg and Beryl Magilavy for Planet Drum Books, was published in 1986, at the forefront of the sustainable cities movement. GCP_cover


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