In brief

Seth_mug_websizedSeth Zuckerman is a strategist, writer, and doer with roots in northern California, now living in the Puget Sound region.

Seth currently serves as the executive director of the Northwest Natural Resource Group, a Seattle-based nonprofit that promotes sustainable forestry on private lands in the Pacific Northwest.

From 2014 to June 2017, Seth wrote ClimateCast: The Week in Clean Energy Solutions every Monday for Climate Solutions, a Seattle-based NGO. Click here to check out some of his published articles, here to learn about the books he has written and co-authored, and here to learn about how he can help you and your organization to communicate more effectively.

Seth’s work on climate includes Smells Like Global Warming, a brief essay on the way climate change stacks the deck for wildfires, and the interplay between private and collective action aimed at reducing the impact of global warming. He also wrote California Dreamin’, on the Golden State’s instructive accomplishments in embracing clean energy.

He was the development editor for Peter Barnes’ new book: With Liberty and Dividends for All, published in August 2014 by Berrett-Koehler.

Contact Seth: szuckerman {at} igc [ dot ] org.