A few articles from my portfolio.

This is What Legalization Looks Like:
What Washington’s new pot licensing system can teach the North Coast

When cannabis cultivation is regulated, the advantage shifts from rule-breakers to rule followers

Cover story in the North Coast Journal,  January 9, 2014

Is Pot-Growing Bad for the Environment?
Marijuana prohibition sabotages efforts to reduce the industry’s environmental damage.

The Nation, special package on marijuana. November 2013

My Low-Carbon Diet: From gas gluttony to fuel fitness in three weeks

Sierra Magazine, September/October 2006

A look at daily life at two radically different carbon footprints — and what it would take to shrink our carbon footprint even further.

Painting ourselves into the landscape

Earth Island Journal, Spring 2004


On whether — and how — people belong in protected wild areas. I’ve also explored this topic in a few other places, including Orion magazine’s online edition and High Country News.

The River Next Time

FishDiversion03  Barging salmon on the Snake

Reprinted from Orion magazine, where it was originally published in the May/June 2004 issue, this article examines the facts and the meaning behind the barging of salmon smolts down the Snake River.

Nice Boulders, but Where’s the Fish?

From the now-defunct Whole Earth magazine, on whether watershed restoration is effective at recovering salmon populations.

Klamath Water Wars: Systems Out of Sync

No Water, No Barley, No Beer - Klamath 2001

An op-ed from the Christian Science Monitor, on the root causes of the conflict over water rights in the Klamath basin.

Whales: Beyond Bumper-sticker Chic

An op-ed from the Christian Science Monitor, on the hunting of whales by the Makah Indians in Washington State.

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